Bhaiya ke saath ek din ki baat

Hi, my name is Padmini. It’s my real name and I don’t want to hide it. I am a student of commerce in Bangalore and I also have a boyfriend who is my classmate. We have been going strong for about a year now and I have had a beautiful relationship with him. I even lost my virginity to him a few months back. But this is actually the story of me and my cousin brother.

Now let me tell you all that I love my brother a lot. It’s just that we are related that’s why I could never say that I loved him but yes, I have had a crush on him. I was always very impressed by his manners, his nature and since he was good in studies, he had also earned the respect of mine, my family and all others. He is quite good looking too. Some of my friends also had a rush on him and I was quite possessive about it. I never liked them telling me or talking to me about him.

Even though he is my cousin, I still have a relationship far more closely than even a real bother with him. I have shared everything from my school days, my friends and all the happenings of my life with him. He was the first one to whom I confessed that I had lost my virginity because I felt very guilty after loosing it. He is my BESTEST friend. So Here it goes.

Since bhaiya had recently finished studies and was working we used to get to meet only a few times in a year when he used to come over to our home town in Calcutta. I had bunked a few classes so I can come home when he visits the family. Wow, I love him. Even though I had a boyfriend, I still had some sort of loving attraction to him. I always wanted to kiss him but was very scared and never dared to even ask for it. It was a nice Monday afternoon and we as usual were playing badminton in the garden. I am better than him; he lost to me all the time. Our gardener wanted to cut the grass in the lawn so he asked us to go somewhere else. We decided to go to the roof. The roof was three floors above, so we decided to take lots of water, some fruits and some soft drinks and go up. We took it all went to the roof and continued to play around. After some time it was beginning to get hot, so I asked my brother to wait. I want down and changed from my jeans to and old blue school skirt which I used to wear at home. It was of knee length so I also put on short black tights under the skirt.

I came up and saw bhaiya drinking some juice. He looked at me for sometime and just kept looking… “My sister has become a really beautiful girl I must say…u look sexy sweetie!!!” This is what I wanted to hear. My dream had come true; my brother thought I was sexy!!! I just wanted him to take me in my arms. But then I didn’t want to rush things up so resumed playing. I wanted to attract his attention so I used to jump up a lot to let my skirt fly up so he could see my short tights and my body structure. An hour passed, and I was getting tired. I even wanted to use the toilet very badly. I was quite open to my bhaiya so I told him that I wanted to go to the toilet so he said “ok I will wait, I want to finish the game coz I want to win at least once”. I thought to myself “Bhaiya, u have already won me but what can I do, u r my brother”. I said Bhaiya I’ll just go to the other side of the terrace and do it there. There was a small room made while the building was being constructed and was not used anymore. I said that I will go there. Bhaiya said ok I want behind; bhaiya was innocently practicing with the badminton shuttle in the front side. I went inside the room, parted my legs a bit, lifted my skirt and started to open the clip on my tights. Oh no… It was stuck!!! I needed to pee very badly and was trying hard to open it but it was completely stuck. I tried to break it but it was made of metal probably so I couldn’t do anything. I tried to open it for about five minutes or so but just couldn’t do anything.

I put the skirt down properly and went back to bhaiya. I knew that it was wrong but I needed some help. I wanted to run to the house but I knew that I couldn’t hold it walking down the steps. I somehow managed to get back to bhaiya. He was still bouncing the shuttle on his racquet. “Finished?” He asked. I said “No bhaiya… my tights clip is stuck can u help me”. He looked a bit surprised and said “I don’t know, let me try, where it is?” He thought it was probably on my skirt so I came to him, he sat down on the bench in front of me. I was feeling very ashamed and naughty at the same time. But I had to do something soon so I just lifted my skirt up in front of him and showed him the clip.

“What are you doing sweetie?” He asked? “Bhaiya please help me open the clip I have to pee very badly”. Bhaiya said “Ok” and put his hands on my rights clips. Oh my god, I close my eyes, I was standing in front of my brother with my skirt raised and he was trying to remove my thighs. I began to feel so naughty. Bhaiya was trying to undo my tights and all I could do was look at him. I somehow began to admire him, his patience and them way he was like a perfect gentleman helping me out. I was looking down at my tights and his fingers were trying to open the clip.

After about 10 minutes I felt the clip open and he said “Ok, now go soon”. I turned around and with my skirt lifted in my hands started to walk quickly towards the room. But now I had been holding for too long. All of a sudden I felt my pee rush out, I tried to control it but it was too late. I helplessly started pissing into my tights. I felt so ashamed but naught at the same time. I then sat down like a girl does when she pees and continued to pee in my tights. All this happened right in front of bhaiya. I turned towards him and while looking him I was pissing in my tights. I dropped my skirt down and continued pissing. The streams ran down my legs and made a puddle in between my legs. I got up and confused and helpless my eyes filled with tears and I started crying.

I thought my brother would laugh at me saying that at 17 I was not able to control my pee but My understanding brother first came to me lifted me up and made me sit on the bench. He even pulled the skirt off from below me so it wouldn’t get wet. And while I was crying he lovingly held my face and said “Sweetie its ok, don’t worry it happens sometimes. Not your fault.” He helped me get up and asked me to go and clean myself up as there was a water tap near the end of the terrace. I was too ashamed to even talk, I just kept crying. So he made me stand up and bent down. Lifted my skirt and lowly tried to pull down my tights. I stopped him.” Bhaiya No, please don’t do this, I can’t embarrass myself anymore in front of you” I said. To this Bhaiya said “What’s wrong sweetie, I am your brother. I have to help you. And it doesn’t matter coz I have known you from childhood and its ok.” Somehow these words had a magical effect on me; I started to respect and love him even more all of a sudden. And I just looked at him as he slowly slid my tights down my legs. I was just like a baby in front of him. He kept the wet tights on the wall of the terrace and said “its nylon, it will dry soon”. I still had my panty on. He said “Now go back and take the rest off”. By now I was so much turned on and so horny that I said “Bhaiya , I don’t mind being naked in front of u” with that I lifted my skirt again and pulled my panty down and took it off. Bhaiya was surprised and didn’t know what to say. He just looked away. My perfect bhaiya. All I could do was just look at him for a moment and then went to him and said “Bhaiya, you are so close to me. Anyone would have laughed at what I have done but you helped me instead. Bhaiya… I love you” I said and hugged him.

Bhaiya responded too and hugged me. “Its ok baby” he said. Probably I was sitting in a uncomfortable position so when I tried to get up, I lost balance and feel onto bhaiya’s hands. And I realized I had fallen with my breasts straight in bhaiyas hands. It was the feeling which I would die to have. Bhaiya was toughing my breasts. My boyfriend rarely ever did this; all he would do is kiss me and just make love that’s all. He seemed to enjoy all this. He turned me over and looking at me said “Padmini, I am sorry, I should not be saying this to you but I think you have developed a very firm and beautiful bust line”. That was it; I knew that I had attracted my brother. I smiled and looked at him and asked “Bhaiya, Don’t you want to feel them again?” Without a word bhaiya just put his hand on my chest and slowly cupped my breast. I looked at him lovingly playing with them. My dream had come true. It was every sister’s dream. To have her own brother touch her lovingly.

I just hugged him. He slowly pushed me back and running his hands through my hair, he slowly planted his lips on mine. I was waiting for this moment all my life. I just closed my eyes and wished it would never end. After a few moments of kissing I opened my eyes and confessed “Bhaiya , I have always wanted you to kiss me. I know its wrong that’s why I never had the courage to even ask you for it. I knew you would get angry with me so I never wanted to ask you like this. But now I know that you love me too !”. Bhaiya said “Sweetie , even I have loved you, but you are my sister , how will we do all this . It’s not right. That’s why I had been silent. I am very possessive and I was not comfortable when u said that u have a boyfriend and that you had lost your virginity to him but I know that after all you are a grill and she need to have love and care so I came to terms with it.”. Hearing this Padmini said “Bhaiya , even I feel the same. If you were not my brother, I would have loved you and only you like crazy”. He kissed me once again on my forehead and said. ”Ok baby now get up , put your clothes back on and lets go down.”. It was already 4 in the evening. We went down together. I was very delighted with the beginning of this new relationship. I had a bath and he washed his face too. We decided to go have ice cream. So I asked mom to give us the car. I had changed into a tight short salway kameez. I know that bhaiya would like it and he did !!!!. We went to have ice cream. All the while we were in the backseat together he was holding me closely. I whispered into his ears “Bhaiya , want to feel me breasts again ?” . He said the driver might see. So I just came close to him and covered the front of my chest with my chunni and asked him to fondle me from below it. I was feeling so sexy. My brother was cupping my breasts and pressing them from above my bra and kameez . It felt so good. We get down , had our ice cream , all the while discussing all sorts of naughty stuff and things related to sex. We returned home that evening. We spent time with my dad mom and my sister who had come back from school. We talked about his job and business and I even cooked some cookies for him. We had dinner and left for bed. He was in the guest room and I slept with my sister and the first floor and parents in the ground. He was on the topmost floor. I was not able to sleep that night. All the things just kept coming back to my mind.

I couldn’t help it so I woke up. Checked the time. It was 2 in the morning. I want to his room and opened it. He was sleeping , I want and sat by his side. My handsome brother. How I wish he was my boyfriend !. I slowly put my hand on his chest and shook him gently to wake him up. He got up and saw me. He set his hair properly and sat back against the bed and asked what happened. Without a word I just hugged him. Bhaiya did the same too. Then I stood in front of him and lifted up my skirt and said “Bhaiya.. See you little sister, is she beautiful ?”. “I love you sweetie”.. Bhaiya said and hugged me again. Suddenly he put his hands on my breast and started pressing them !. I was feeling so good. The best part was that he was looking straight into my eyes and pressing them slowly from over my nighty. He even cupped the bottom part and slowly rose at times and slowly pinched my nipples too.

I said bhaiya , let me take my nighty off. With that I started unzipping it from the back. Bhaiys stopped me. “Let me do it” he said. My eyes full of happiness , I just put my hands on his strong shoulders and he started to unzip my nighty. He dropped it off from my shoulder and took it off from under me. I was now in my slip my bra and my panty. I sat on hi lap while he continued to press my breasts. I love my bhaiya . That’s what I could think at that time. Slowly he put his hand on my waist and slowly kissed me . We kissed for a long time and he still kept playing with my breasts. I was at times looking at how he was pressing them. I felt so much loved , so sweet and so secure in my brothers arms. I just feel back on his chest and allowed him to fully cup and press my breast. I must confess that I wanted my brother to make love to me. I needed him right now , his love had taken me to that level that now there was no turning back. But I was also scared at the same time. We kept kissing and playing with each other. Than bhaiya stopped. He made me stand in front of him and looked at me with those loving eyes. I wanted to give him by body to make love to but I was very scared to make the first move. Then I don’t know what made me do it but I just fell back on him and kissed him on his lips. I slowly put my palm on his pajamas zip and I felt his penis for the first time. My dream was coming true.

Bhaiya asked “Sweetie I think we should stop here or we might do something which we don’t want to”. But I just couldn’t and kept touching and pressing his penis.

Bhaiya took my hand away but I naughtily put it back again. Then I said to bhaiya in a whispering tone “I want to see it “. Bhaiya was surprised. He said “do what ever you want , I have warned you”. I now knew that I was in control. I slowly opened the zip and lovingly pulled his penis out. Oh my. What a beautiful sight. It was so hard , I could see the veins tight and wrapped all round. I have seen my boyfriend’s penis a lot of times and my brothers was darker than and not as long as my boyfriend but much more thick. I was so intoxicated with love that I just put it in my mouth. Bhaiyas penis was now in his sister’s mouth. No one can love a brother more than his sister. That’s a truth. I wish all sisters got such a hot and good looking bhaiya they can have sex with. I looked up at bhaiya and saw the satisfaction on his face. It was all that I wanted. I had made my brother so happy. I loved and thanked myself silently.

I kept sucking my brother lovingly till he slowly held my head back and said that he was about to ejaculate. I just kept going on and on and on. Suddenly I felt a warm fluid fill up my mouth. Bhaiya was ejaculating. His semen was filling my mouth. I felt a little uneasy but bhaiyas semen kept oozing into my mouth. It was so much that it dripped out from the side of my lips. I couldn’t believe that a man can ejaculate so much semen in on go. I had seen my bf do it but never so much. Bhaiya got up and went to the bathroom to clean up. I followed him. I rinsed my mouth and looked at bhaiya cleaning the tip of his penis. I loved that sight. After that bhaiya and I came back and went to the attached balcony. We stood over there I was still in my slip my bra and panty. Bhaiya looked at me and lovingly held my face and kissed me. I allowed him fully. He lifted me up in his strong arms and took me to the room. He sat on the bed and made me sit too. He said “Darling , u r a very good girl. I can never ever find anyone who loves me so much. But you are my sister I can’t go beyond this”. I said “I understand bhaiya, even I wanted to have you inside me. I want you to enter me but I can’t do that because you are my brother. I don’t care even if I have a boyfriend. But the main reason is that I have to live up to be a sister”.

By then it was almost 3 30 in the morning. Both of us were tired. Bhaiya went to the toilet to pee. He came back and kissed me. I said I wanted to piss to. But again I wanted to be naughty and attract bhaiyas attention. I went to the toilet. Kept the door open. I stood at the door , parted my legs and looking at bhaiya I started to let my piss fill my panty under my slip skirt. Bhaiya looked at me till I finished. I washed my legs and came back to the room. I took my slip off and pulled my panty down. I wanted bhaiya to see me fully naked. I slowly took the bra off my shoulder and stood in front of bhaiya fully nude for some time. Bhaiya pulled me close. Made me sit on his lap facing him and slowly touched my vagina. I kissed him with love . He took out his penis and placed it at the front of my vagina. I looked at him and for a moment we ended r relationship as brother and sister. He pushed himself inside me.

I opened my mouth with pain. It was too thick for me. But he gently stroked me slowly sometimes kissing me , sometimes licking my nipples sometimes pressing my breasts. He slowly picked me up in his arms with his penis still in me and put me on my back on the bed. He held my legs with his hand from the ankles and started to ram me. A brother was having sex with his sister. A relationship was being broken and another formed. Two hearts were meeting on that lovely night and all I could do was close my eyes and feel my brother in my stomach. Bhaiys had filled my hole fully. I was fully satisfied with his size. Even thought my bf had a slightly longer penis , it was never so well fitting. Suddenly I felt my body shiver. My vagina tightened around bhaiyas penis. I climaxed. I felt that time had stopped . I couldn’t hear or think anything for a moment. All I could see was bhaiya was looking into my eyes and inserting his penis into my body and giving me love. I came back to this world !!! “Bhaiya I love u” I said. With that bhaiya said that he was going to ejaculate too.

“Bhaiya do it inside your sister. Fill ur sister up with ur love. Bhaiya , I want to be the mother of your baby”. I don’t know what made me say all this but I was myself saying it. Bhaiya ejaculated. His warmth filled me up. AT this point I had an orgasm too. It was a moment to remember. I envy the girl whom my bhai is going to marry. She is so damn lucky to have such a guy with such love and capacity. He lay on me for a while.

Bhaiya said “What have we done ? It’s a great mistake but I couldn’t stop myself”. Bhaiya said again that it’s ok. And that we must not do this again or we would get addicted and do it over and over again. I agreed. I went to the toilet and washed my self. Bhaiyas semen was still dripping from my vagina. I smiled to myself. I came back to the room and dressed up. I took the wet panty with me and kissed my bhai and returned to my room at about 4:30 in the morning. I put on a new panty and lay on my bed. I felt so happy and warm. I covered myself up in a blanket and I just fell asleep. I have never had sex with my bhai but we have done most other things. Somehow I like to pee a lot in my panty

So when ever I want to turn him on I just stand in front of him and let my pee flow. I have done it in front of him wearing my skirts , jeans , shorts ,one piece swimsuit, saree, trousers and even a tight salwar kameez , while standing or sitting. One day I did it while wearing a yellow tight salwar kameez. I was feeling horny so I just waited till no one was there and I took him to the terrace and there in front of him I pissed my self. Warm piss filled and flowed down my salwar onto the floor. It turned me on and even bhaiya too. !!! I love my bhai. I don’t know what the future holds for me and bhai but I know that even after marriage , or even after that I still will love him a lot and try to be with him as much as possible I know there are many sister who have a crush on their brothers but scared to tell. Tell them openly. You don’t know how nice it is to be “done” by your own brother.

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